My priorities should you elect me your representative on the City Council are:

Public Safety

Maintaining a fully-staffed police department working in neighborhoods to prevent home/car burglaries and other crimes. I started a neighborhood watch group – we’re online and looking out for one another


Understanding the frustration commuters face, every decision I make will take into account strategies to relieve traffic congestion – not add more cars onto roads and freeways.

School Safety

I would like to see us partner with San Ramon Valley Unified School District to provide safe routes to/from school, keeping students safe from violence, drugs and bullying.

Growth/Open Space
Like other families, we enjoy San Ramon’s rolling hills, parks and open spaces. I strongly believe that Openspaces/Greenspaces/Golf Courses/Parks are sacred!! I will oppose new development that threatens our beautiful natural resources.

Balancing Budget
I’m an engineer, schooled in attention to detail. I will read/study San Ramon’s budget and work diligently to ensure City funds continue to be spent wisely and efficiently.

The other area that I am very passionate about is to enhance services for our seniors like transportation to make it easy for them to visit our state of the art senior center.